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11:40 p.m. 2010-01-13

the twitter would say @riverun, but I don't tweet

Russian counter intelligence officials have a long held maxim that Americans love coincidences, and it is their job to provide them. There does exists a conspiracy of coincidences in the world. Scale can be used to make anything great or small, but of course, that means that everything is both. Among a narrow demographic you will find many coincidences, because they are really correlations, and finding similar family origins indicated by similar last names amongst people who use diaryland in English is far from odd and far from insignificant. Babies born under certain stars had mothers eating certain foods at the same stage of gestation (back when food was really seasonal, and it still was a little bit even back to the 80s) which might not make the stars the masters of your destiny, but it could help libras develop similar traits as a group. correlation isn't causation, but it isn't nothing.

That was of course rambling, without the delightful punctuation, and so it might not be as fun for you to read as yours was for me. Food for metaphysical pondering perhaps? I have more egotistical conceits than I'm aware of I'm sure, but one that I do know about is my belief that I actually have metaphysics reasonably sorted out. I was a philosophy major in undergrad, and was really smart back then. My brain clearly had gears that have fallen away, but I'm pretty sure I've still got a coherent system rattling around up there.

And there it is, the first direct thing that I've said about myself. I made you read 3 paragraphs before handing out a direct piece of information that is more than a decade old. If asked "how was dinner" I feel like you would describe chemicals breaking down and your savoring/disgust/satiation effect on the foods cause. I would know the food, because I would feel like I understood very well what it was like to be in the shoes of somebody having that dinner. If I was describing a dinner I would talk about the conversation turns, the way plates emptied, how it seems everybody else is reacting to the food. The first reason for this is because I'd like for you to feel like you were in the room rather than in my shoes, and so experience the event with but not through me.

I'm not egotistical enough to think my lens on the world is a better way for somebody else to experience it. Which is not to say that writing that places the reader firmly in the authors shoes is egotistical inherently, anymore than a raised voice denotes anger. Singing beautifully also requires raising your voice. really hasn't been writing for me. It is a vehicle by which I can try to have loved ones from home continue to be in the room with me even when I am very far away. Maybe so I seem less removed when I actually do enter the same room with them?

Ahh well, you have work to do, and I have to get some sleep.

By the way, the quote you shared made me realize that your writing reminds me of Howl. I hope you don't mind me saying that, because I mean it both as an observation and a complement.

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