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6:53 p.m. 2010-01-26

Nearly caused a loss of self control

Every day I see lots of questionable documents. Iím sure I see fake documents that fool me, but then I also see many many poor fake documents. But today was the first time that I had to walk away from my interview window because I stared cracking up. Changing only the first name, the body of this letter is reproduced in its entirety.

Dear Albert,
I am really glad to have done a whole lot of business transaction in the area of Bakery Ingredientsí and Equipment Brokering with you in the past; it gladdened my heart when you stated that you will like to visit our office and some of the companies that we represent here in Houston.

Albert, I will be very delighted if you can honour my invite to visit with me in Houston to show you some of our other brand of Bakery Ingredients and Equipment. I believe you should have some clear time away from the hassle and bustle of your business and retreat to our Space city, Houston. It will help with your full rest without thinking of work. As you know, Houston is the third or forth largest city in America. You will enjoy the scenic view and peace and solitude that it provides. I have not booked for any travels abroad the early part of this new year so my invite is open to your convenience. Once you have a set date in mind, my office can assist in booking a Hotel room and arranging for your pick up at the airport and also your local travel within Houston.

For purposes of visa application, I enclose photocopies of my last shipment to you. I can straight away vouch for you that you will return to Nigeria at the end of your visit. American Embassy in Lagos or in Abuja can hold me responsible if you should not return which I know will not arise nor become an issue at all. If you require any thing else please do not hesitate to let me know.

I look forward to your visit soon. Please do not forget to pick up some African art works from Murtala Mohammed airport on your departure. I know my staff will be excited about this proposed trip, so I will entertain a buying list from each of them.

Sincerely Yours

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