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8:56 p.m. 2010-03-09

Overused metaphor rolling in.

For the first time since Iíve been here, the weather looks insidious. Summer lightning is lighting up low grey night clouds, and the cityís pollution and low level street lighting make the entire thing seem staged. It is dark, but not the real dark, the wind is blowing and pushing the palm trees around, but they arenít quite real trees, and the air is doing more than groaning as it pushes through the streets.
I hate it when I feel like I might be on the edge of a real life metaphor. I donít like the thought of the storm gathering at my door on the one million percent real level and also on the level of what you read in the papers. And I donít know that I am. Living in a metaphor makes it that much harder to understand.
Ego is certainly at play here, but I do think Iíve set up a life where the macro and the micro intersect in me. If the sky opens up over me, I will get wet. The sky where I am has a history of opening up. And the latest weather reports are certainly threatening.

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