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7:27 p.m. 2010-07-10

Remember when? It happened again.

One of the things that I say about myself is that I have a wide range of comfortable. Hot or cold, humid or dry, quiet or loud, bright or dark. The sun can get a long way down before I turn on the reading light. The skinny girls are freezing or melting before I start thinking about doing something with a second layer. It just doesn’t enter my mind that the space is one way or anther until the pendulum has really swung.
Normally, I like this about myself. The world is a much nicer place when its vagaries don’t bother you. I still notice and appreciate when something is great. I’m dropping some of the worst and keeping the best. Good deal for me.
But right now it may have killed me. Probably not, but man, I am making up a lot of uncomfortable ground right now.
One summer I lived in a 3rd floor apartment in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Summer in Ann Arbor can get hot. Not quite Lagos hot, hot. And sticky. And this third floor apartment didn’t have air conditioning. It had fans, but not AC. I got in the habit of eating frozen grapes as a temperature regulating treat. And that summer, I got my rowing machine. I would set the machine up in front of the TV over the weekend, program in a work out, crank up the volume and go to town.
I think I nearly killed myself a couple of times in that apartment, jacking my body temp to the roof in a room that held all the hot air in the building. But I wouldn’t notice that it was insanely hot when I made my decision to start rowing, it was still in my comfort range. I wouldn’t notice until I was about 7 min into the 25 min work out, and then it would be my stubborn will to finish what I started vs. my fast fatiguing muscle and overloading sweat glands. I would finish, but not that well.
All this came back to me today. You see, today I live in a place that is constantly summer. Today I again live in a (much nicer) third floor apartment. Today I also moved the rowing machine into the TV room for an afternoon workout. Yesterday I noticed that my A/C was on the fritz. Today, about 7 minutes into the work out I realized what that meant. And right now a post work out cold shower isn’t getting my body temp back into my comfort zone.
It is easy to sneak up on somebody who is feeling fine. A badword moving trend that is gaining momentum in the comfort zone will be a problem shortly. It is easy to say “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…” but making the same mistake is one of the easiest ruts in the world to fall into. I set up the same situation and fell into the same selfbaking trap 10 years ago, except this time I don’t have any frozen grapes.
I’ve come a long way over that time, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped making the same mistakes. Or, at least some of the same mistakes.
However, if I have to repeat problems the ones that can be traced back to not enough frozen fruit in my fridge can still fit in my comfort zone.

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