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9:56 p.m. 2010-07-17

Problem solving.

So I need to work out more. We all do, I know. However, more times than not, working out just isnít that interesting. Also, I am a Chicago Cubs fan, and they were on TV today. Once upon a time I would haul my rowing machine into the TV room and row while watching the game, solving the work out problem while exacerbating the Cubs fan problem. Today I found a variation on that idea.
Yeah, nobody is reading this to find out Mattís work out tips, I know. But they donít all have to be winners. Baseball, many people say, has a problem in that it is to slow, with all those breaks between half innings. I decided to fill those breaks with high intensity workout, and suddenly the game just flew by. Every break between innings or pitcher change I would go row 500 meters at about 1:43-1:48 pace. That is a bunch of high energy reps. Maybe not the greatest for aerobic work, but it was a solid workout, I think. And it is something that I can repeat. I like it when I find things that can turn into positive routines.
Of course, Marmol blew the save and gave up the game in the 9th inning today. Being a cubs fan is still a problem.
In other news, if I lived someplace cold, I would be serving the heck out of hot buttered rum, something that I found in one of my cook books while looking for something completely unrelated. Grown up hot chocolate indeed.

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