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4:57 p.m. 2010-08-03

From the scammers.

Names have been changed.

Hello Mrs Samantha,

how are you doing today this nathan from the american consulate in Nigeria first of all i will like to apologoize to you that Leopold Smith is not a scammer and his passport has been found in our database that he came into Nigeria sometimes November last year and his son came in last month from UK kent in England and please apologize to him on my behalf, i will like to tell you not to send me any mail on that official email address because my boss just warned me that no issues should be reported or replied from there so that why i am using my private yahoo email address so please do not send any emails on there anymore and stop calling the office number to discuss the matter with me contact me only through my personal email address i am sorry to tell you all this because i will not want to loose my job its very important this is my personal email address send me anything you want to say on here and please do anything that Leopold Smith says you should do to help him ok these kidnappers are really mean and its all over Nigeria the kidnapping issues is too much so please do whatever Leopold his saying his sons life is at stake and i am satisfied ok with this and no one will send you to jail for this ,please do what your lover wants to make him happy i think he really and truly loves you bye for now....


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