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9:31 p.m. 2009-12-01

When you have nothing else you have

Story of Now.

The value proposition of Lagos is Potential. If you land in the airport in Rome, you know you are standing in the middle of history, and your time in that city will make you appreciate the billion footsteps that have preceded yours. New York will hit you in the face with celebrity and finance. The air in Seoul is smog thick but it is cut with so much neon It isnít History like Rome, Culture like New York, Beauty like LA, Neon Frantic Activity like Seoul. Lagos has nothing but Potential.

The fast food and easy pizza delivery are gone. 57 channels are history. Late night TV doesnít happen. Iíve got nothing to do but be a better person.

As for these entries, those of you who remember the good old days will notice that when I do talk about day to day life, it will be delayed significantly. The point is the readers still get a feeling for life over here, and I have a time when the entry sits on my hard drive and gets reviewed.

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