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5:31 p.m. 2010-02-14

Worst job

Across the street from where I live, they are putting in a new drainage line. Here, the drainage is open. Meter wide, meter and a half deep concrete channels line the streets, hemed in by very high sidewalks. When it rains, they need all the drainage they can get.

To put in these drainage ditches requires lots of digging during the dry season. Wages here are very low, it is much cheaper to pay ditch diggers than it is to fuel and transport a backhoe.

When I come back from work, I get to see the ditch digging crew hard at work in the middle of the day, swinging shovels and pick axes, making a pit one grave deep and three blocks long. Next to them is a pre-fab heavy duty rebar cage that will go into the pit for the concrete.

When they get done digging the pit, they are going to have to put the sun baked rebar into the pit.

If I ever forget why I went to school for so long, it is exactly that. If ever I have trouble making the 6:30 morning boat, or have to deal with a panicked call from a concerned American at 3:52 am I have to keep them in mind.

And the same to you. What ever you do today, you won’t be digging a ditch in traffic under the tropical sun. Stay in school kids. And live in a place where machinery is cheap and plentiful.

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